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Avatarium® Modular Capture Array

  • Vertible mini-studio, housed in a single, turnkey modular unit
  • Capable of capturing a full 360 degrees in a split second
  • Cameras, hardware, software, power supply and lighting all included
  • Available in Permanent/Semi-Permanent and Portable platform
  • Custom branding package available

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For those buyers that qualify - NO DOWN PAYMENT - only $99 per month for the first 6 months - $2505.85 per month for 54 months.
Watch the assembly video of an Avatarium® Studio Pro

How it Works

Only a few simple steps to get your very own photo sculpture.


Create a booking online or via phone call. From there you’ll visit our studio and work through a few details prior to your scan.
3D Image Capture

In a fraction of a second, our 360° HD camera array captures you from every angle. Afterwards, you’ll select your favorite pose(s).
Post Production

Our 3D Artists process the scanned data and digitally craft your virtual model in preparation for the 3D printing process.
3D Printing

State-of-the-Art 3D Printers bring your virtual model to life. We’ll notify you upon completion and discuss delivery/pick up options.

Preparing for your Session


We love it when customer sessions go off without a hitch. By giving us as much background as you can about what you’d like during the initial consultation and scheduling, we can make sure our cameras and other equipment are set up specifically for your requests when you arrive: subject matter, poses, wardrobe, number of participants and other details.

The Appointment

Please plan on arriving at our studio in Prime Outlets Food Court in Hagerstown from 20-30 minutes in advance of your booked time slot. That should give you plenty of time to check your hair, apply makeup, decide which outfit you’re starting with, and ask any last-minute questions.


3D sculpting is cool, but it’s still a developing technology. Due to the small size and details inherent in the sculptures, certain fine details such as strands of hair, fingers and slender accessories would break if we were to try printing them. Instead, our artists will interpret and reproduce these details separately, so you get the look you want with the durability you need.

Hair and Fine Objects

Hair remains difficult to capture accurately in 3D sculpting. To give hair an authentic look, we’ll manually detail it, so it looks like the original. We recommend people style hair in such a way that it can be captured as a solid. In the same way, jewelry and decorations that dangle or are extremely fine will not capture well. We may be able to reproduce the items and add them back on, or, if we cannot, can help you find craft sources that can.

Transparent or Shiny Items

Transparent, semi-transparent and shiny accessories — items like eyeglasses with thin rims, veils, and reflective jewelry — cannot be captured or 3D printed accurately. As stated earlier, we may be able to sculpt those items separately and add them on to your sculpture in the production phase for a small additional fee, or we can put you in touch with detailers who can produce such items. In addition, skin glare can sometimes create issues. We recommend applying a matte-base makeup to reduce the glare and even skin tones.

Colors and Patterns

3D capture provides outstanding capture of most colors, bright or dark, In fact, the more vibrant the color, the better. Patterns on clothing are fine as well, though larger. bolder patterns tend to translate better than smaller, busier ones. In all cases, we’ll try for a representation that’s as accurate as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

The 3-D Print Factory has an Avatarium location in the Premium Outlets in Hagerstown, Maryland, in the popular Food Court area. See their website for location details and directions.
Every angle of your body is photographed simultaneously by dozens of cameras. From that "photo capture" we're able to create a dimensional digital figure, and from that figure, we create either a 3D sculpture, or a digital asset that can be used in a video game, in a movie and more.
Pose away! Standing, sitting, dancing, skating … anything you want to bring to life can be captured. The only limitations would involve small scale details that would otherwise easily break off. Our artists recreate hair, fingers and small accessories separately for greater strength and durability.
Absolutely. Our digital cameras capture images so fast, even movement won’t blur.
We use a 3D printer, an array of colored inks and a high-performance sandstone to create the sculptures. This process is the industry standard because it’s fantastic in the production of life-like sculptures. Due to the technology, some variation in color shade is to be expected, especially with browns and skin tones. Each is then finished with a sealant to help hold in colors and protect the sculpture.
The surface of the sculptures have an interesting texture, fairly smooth, but with a slightly coarse quality due to the sandstone-like content. Overall, it feels very high-quality and substantial.
As the capture is literally nothing more than having your picture taken digitally, it’s guaranteed safe for people and animals alike.
No, with the technology currently available, we actually have to scan physical objects to get the 3D effect.
No problem, we’ve got a private dressing room for just such occasions.
Plan on about 2-6 weeks from initial capture session to delivery. If you need your sculpture faster, let us know during your introductory call and we’ll see what we can do.
Avatarium figures hold up well over time as display pieces, but there are limitations to the technology as it currently exists. Your sculpture is no different than any piece of fine art. Hold it carefully, and you’ll have no problem; drop it, and small pieces can break off. They may fade in sunlight, and cannot be exposed to humidity or hot water. Treat it well, and it will last as long as any other sculpture in your home.
Pricing below is for STANDING poses ONLY; other poses such as sitting/kneeling are an additional $50 per figure. We reserve the right to hollow out as needed. Babies and pets by themselves will be scaled to equal same material usage as price point that is selected on the chart below for standing figures.
Single Single w/ Child 0-3 Double Double w/ Child 0-3 Triple Owner w/ Pet
4" $110.00 $152.50 $195.00 $240.00 $285.00 $195.00
5" $135.00 $190.00 $245.00 $302.50 $360.00 $245.00
6" $160.00 $227.50 $295.00 $365.00 $435.00 $295.00
7" $185.00 $265.00 $345.00 $427.50 $510.00 $345.00
8" $210.00 $302.50 $395.00 $490.00 $585.00 $395.00
9" $235.00 $340.00 $445.00 $552.50 $660.00 $445.00

3" Bust - $110.00
5" Bust - $165.00
Santa/Elf Ornament - $110.00
Bobbleheads are Coming!!!
  • Props are an additional $25.00 per item.
    Examples: hats/helmets, sports equipment, musical instruments

  • Customization to the base is an additional $25.00 (adding name or year)

  • Discounts up to 20% on Reprints!!! (1st - 10%, 2nd - 15%, 3rd - 20%)

Compare the cost of a full-body 3-D printed figure to portrait packages. For example, you will probably pay a few hundred dollars for your child's school year portraits. A 3-D printed figure takes those portraits to the next level, and is a true-to-life representation of them at a particular age. Make a memory that you can touch and display for many years to come!
Yes, we maintain a repository of all digital capture for our customers who may want copies for extended family. We offer a 30% discount on 2nd and subsequent reprints.


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