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About 3-D Print Factory by Free State 3D

The Company

Free State 3D began business in March 2016 and began a working relationship with 3-D Print Factory of Hancock, MD. Through a productive first year of a mutual working relationship, Free State 3D has assumed the direction operations for 3-D Print Factory. Free State 3D extends upon the services offered by 3-D Print Factory by offering casting for low run production items.

3-D Print Factory began operation in early 2014 to fill the growing need for 3D rapid prototyping made easier by the advent of 3-D printers and 3D printing software.

The professionals at 3-D Print Factory can take a basic concept – from drawings or a one-of-a-kind conceptual piece – and produce a prototype that can be mass produced. To get a better idea, see our YouTube Channel of 3-D Printing Videos or see our samples of 3-D printed custom figurines, ornaments, prototypes and urns.

Free State 3D, in addition our 3D printing services also offers for sale our custom 3D Scanners which utilize photogrammetry. The uniqueness of the Free State scanner is the portability of a full body scanner which is available to be brought on site for your functions. Find more information on these technologies and services at 3-D printing services.

In addition to our 3-D printing services, we also sell a wide-range of 3-D printing equipment for those looking to start a business using this cutting edge technology. Our 3-D Printers and 3-D Scanners are listed on this website. The revolutionary Avatarium provides full-body scanning products for a permanent location, click here. Free State 3D has developed a state of the art portable 3D full-body scanner.

Henry House - Owner

Henry is a graduate of Johnson & Wales College in Providence, RI with a degree in Culinary Arts and Food Service. Having worked his way up to Exective Chef through various opportunities in both New England and Maryland.

Following his work as Executive Chef, Henry joined the family business, Larkin Wholesale serving in a variety of roles from sales, purchasing and office management while serving as a corporate officer. Upon the sale of Larkin Wholesale, Henry took over a software development project for a local dairy cooperative.

Henry's interest in 3D printing stems back to the early 2000's as Larkin Wholesale was entering into wide format printing for their customers. As the industry evolved, Henry purchased several 3D printers to recreationally learn 3D printing. As the 3D market has evolved, he continuted to expand his his knowldge which lead to the development of a portable 3D full body scanner that Free State 3D now offers.

Henry and his wife, Gail, reside locally in Hagerstown. They have three (3) adult children and two (2) grandchildren with another expected in April of 2017.
20140 Scholar Drive, Suite 216, Hagerstown, MD 21742
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